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Retiree Benefits Summary Guides

View these summary guides for retirees and post-65 retirees for an overview of retirement benefits. More information can be found on the Benefits homepage.

Retirement Benefits: An Audio-Visual PowerPoint

View this PowerPoint with audio recording to receive a summary of retirement benefits. You are strongly encouraged to listen to this recording. It may provide a nice start and understanding of the benefits available to you.

Checklist: The Steps Toward Retirement

Read through this checklist for eligibility, action steps, and benefit options for faculty and staff nearing retirement.

Social Security and Medicare

Review this overview of Medicare and Social Security benefits available to faculty and staff nearing retirement.

Benefit Management Services

The UPMC Benefit Management Services extend to individuals who are retired or disabled and who are eligible to be participants in University of Pittsburgh Health Care Insurance Programs. This service will also extend to eligible family members.

Education Benefits

You may be eligible to retain the same education benefits available to active employees.

  • Requirements for Pitt:
    • Currently utilizing benefit, or was employed full-time at the University for at least five years immediately prior to retirement.
    • Submit an Education Benefits Request Form for the University of Pittsburgh for faculty and staff each academic year.
  • Requirement for dependents attending other institutions:

Who to Contact

Resources for retirees include the insurance carriers, Retiree Benefit Service Center, and the University's Benefits Department. Review the Customer and Member Services document to determine who to contact.