Protecting Children from Abuse

The University of Pittsburgh is committed to protecting the safety of the entire campus community, including minors on our campuses. We will provide a secure and supportive environment for minors in accordance with applicable state and federal laws.

Report Suspected Child Abuse

Anyone affiliated with the University who has reasonable cause to suspect child abuse must immediately report it.

Clearances for Employees & Appointees

Child Protection Clearances are required for new and current employees and appointees who will have direct contact or routine interaction with children.

Activities Involving Minors on Campus

Many minors visit our campuses for a number of purposes, including participation in camps, clinics, programs and similar activities. Pitt is committed to protecting the safety of minors visiting our campuses. Accordingly, all activities which include direct contact with minors must be registered with Human Resources.

Child Protection Training

If you have direct contact with minors through your Pitt employment and/or volunteer activity, the University recommends training on the recognition and reporting of child abuse. One way to do that is through a free online program developed by Pitt’s School of Social Work.

Employment of Minors

In order to employ a minor, care must be taken to comply with child labor laws. Talent Center, the University's automated recruiting system for hiring student employees must be used for all hiring, including the hiring of minors. To find out more, read the guidance for employment of minors.


Please visit the FAQ page for more information about protecting children.