Benefits Coverage Verification & Coverage Termination

Coverage Verification

Accessing Your Benefit Elections in PRISM

  1. Access the University Portal through
  2. Enter your University username and password.
  3. Select PRISM Login, located to the right of your screen.
  4. Select PHR Employee Self Service from the Main Menu.
  5. Select Benefits from the drop down menu.
  6. The Current Benefits Tab will open; this will show the benefits you’re currently enrolled in;
    • To review past benefits, use the dropdown box on the top of the page

View screenshot instructions for assistance accessing PRISM.

Request of Benefits Verification Letter

Request for Benefits Verification Letter must be submitted in writing the Benefits Department at the University of Pittsburgh. Please use the Benefits Contact Page to send your request; be sure to include who the target audience of the request is. A Benefits Representative will provide you a copy of the letter, via email, within two business days. If you wish to pick up the letter in person or receive it via postal mail, please specify in your request.


Coverage Termination

COBRA Coverage

Benefits through the University of Pittsburgh continue until the last day of the month in which the individual works. If the individual’s final paycheck does not have sufficient funds to collect benefit premiums, a missed deductions invoice will be issued. At the time of coverage termination, individuals will be extended the option to enroll in COBRA coverage unless they are an official retiree of the University of Pittsburgh. Individuals who obtain retiree status are extended retiree benefits. Learn more about retiree benefits.