Continuous Process Improvements

image of process cycle


The purpose of Continuous Process Improvements is to inspire and empower a culture that embraces an organized approach to continuously improve our processes at the University. This is accomplished through LEAN Six Sigma (LSS) methodology and projects and Kaizen events, both of which help provide tangible results and that demonstrate the value of continuous improvement.

Program Objectives

  • Provide LEAN Six Sigma education and development
  • Improve Identified University Processes through targeted LSS projects and Kaizen events
  • Collect data around the voice of the customer
  • Utilize impoved processes to create effective automated solutions

Program Updates and Ongoing Results

LEAN Six Sigma Education

  • 20 Green Belt Certified employees within Business and Operations evaluating and improving 16 projects across the University

Kaizen Events

  • Staff Recruiting and Hiring Process
    • Results: 74% reduction in process steps
  • Two Faculty Employee Record Processes
    • (1) Results: 79% reduction in process steps
    • (2) Results: 89% reduction in process steps


Upcoming Events

  • Kaizen: Student and Temporary Hiring Processes -- Coming in December


Project Contact

Jason Killmeyer,