Social Wellness

Social Wellness

Social wellness is the result of creating a personal support network of family and friends, having positive, frequent interactions with others, and simply enjoying life. This might be easier for some to do and more encouraged in certain situations, but it is still important to find which social outlets work for you. Events like the Faculty & Staff Picnic are easy ways to connect with the Pitt community, while volunteering with Pitt Cares and PittServes, and enjoying our PittPerks program, gives you a chance to connect with your neighbors outside of Pitt. With friends, family, or on your own, you can start your journey to enhance your social wellness at Pitt.

Social Wellness Resources

PittPerks: The PittPerks program gives faculty, staff, and their families the opportunity to enjoy life outside of work. In addition to voluntary benefits available to add to current plans, PittPerks also offers discounts for on-campus and off-campus activities, Pitt Arts and the Pittsburgh Symphony, movie tickets, and more.

Staff Council: The Staff Council at Pitt allows the University to connect with faculty, staff, and the school community. This includes monthly meetings and forums, participation in the annual United Way Day of Caring, and the opportunity for staff members in good standing to join Staff Council.

Affinity Groups: Affinity groups at Pitt are a great way to connect and network with other in a welcoming, inclusive environment. Affinity groups are open to many different interests, cultures, and values. If you are interested in joing an existing affinity group or creating your own, visit the Office of Diversity & Inclusion for more information.

Additional Resources

The journey to social wellness is strengthened by creating lasting connections with friends, family, and your community. These connections can be made by joining a volunteer or advocate program, networking with colleagues at the University Club, and enjoying annual Pitt events for faculty, staff, and students, including the faculty & staff picnic and student career fairs.

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